On May 10, 1869, the First Transcontinental Railroad was completed at Promontory Summit, north of the Great Salt Lake. Several bus companies also provide access to the ski resorts in winter, and local bus companies also serve the cities of Cedar City, Logan, Park City, and St. George. Zones 5a, 4a: 30: Utah: Utah: Timpanogos Cave: 5740-17-26: Zones 5a, 4a: 29: Utah: Utah: Timpanogos Divide: 8140-21-32: Zones 4b, 3b: 28: Utah: Utah: Utah Lake Lehi: 4505-17-27: Zones 5a, 4a: 22: Utah: Wasatch: Daniels Strawberry: 8037-24-34: Zones 4b, 3b: 29: Utah: Wasatch: Deer Creek Dam: 5270-24-34: Zones 4b, 3b: 30: Utah: Wasatch: Heber: 5590-24-37: Zones 4b, 3a: 24: Utah: Wasatch: Snake Crk. Most of the lowland areas receive less than 12 inches (305 mm) of precipitation annually, although the I-15 corridor, including the densely populated Wasatch Front, receives approximately 15 inches (381 mm). The Mormons were still pushing for the establishment of a State of Deseret with the new borders of the Utah Territory. The Spanish made further explorations in the region but were not interested in colonizing the area because of its desert nature. In 2006, the legislature passed legislation aimed at banning joint-custody for a non-biological parent of a child. Utah has seven universities that compete in Division I of the NCAA. The territory was then left in LDS hands until Patrick E. Connor arrived with a regiment of California volunteers in 1862. [57], In February 2009, Africanized honeybees were found in southern Utah. There are many different insects found in Utah. The 2009 Ski Magazine reader survey concluded that six of the top ten resorts deemed most "accessible", and six of the top ten with the best snow conditions, were located in Utah. Utah's highest level minor league baseball team is the Salt Lake Bees, who play at Smith's Ballpark in Salt Lake City and are part of the AAA level Pacific Coast League. For other uses, see, "Beehive State" (official), "The Mormon State", "Deseret", Map of the United States with Utah highlighted, Potential to use renewable energy sources. The Utah Court of Appeals handles cases from the trial courts. The current governor of Utah is Gary Herbert,[117] who was sworn in on August 11, 2009. 15°F to 20°F. After Jon Huntsman Jr. resigned to serve as U.S. It also touches a corner of New Mexico in the southeast. Young and the first band of Mormon pioneers reached the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. [126][127] As of close of business December 26, more than 1,225 marriage licenses were issued, with at least 74 percent, or 905 licenses, issued to gay and lesbian couples. In 2007, nine people were killed at the Crandall Canyon Mine collapse. The custody measure passed the legislature and was vetoed by the governor, a reciprocal benefits supporter. The highest point in the state, Kings Peak, at 13,528 feet (4,123 m),[40] lies within the Uinta Mountains. Urban development is mostly concentrated in two areas: the Wasatch Frontin the north-central part of the state, which is home to roug… Utah (/ˈjuːtɑː/ YOO-tah, /ˈjuːtɔː/ (listen) YOO-taw) is a state in the Western United States. Small mountain ranges and rugged terrain punctuate the landscape. [9] Utah is the only state where most of the population belongs to a single church. [22] For the first few years, Brigham Young and the thousands of early settlers of Salt Lake City struggled to survive. TRAX, a light rail system in the Salt Lake Valley, consists of three lines. [138] For example, the Republican Party of Utah opposes almost all abortions while Utah Democrats take a more liberal approach, although more conservative than their national counterparts. [129] On Monday October 6, 2014, the Supreme Court of the United States declined a Writ of Certiorari, and the 10th Circuit Court issued their mandate later that day, lifting their stay. Dixie is quickly becoming a popular recreational and retirement destination, and the population is growing rapidly. The Utah Indoor Clean Air Act is a statewide smoking ban that prohibits it in many public places. It is a rugged and geographically diverse state at the convergence of three distinct geological regions: the Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin, and the Colorado Plateau. Some of the country has seen a rise in their zones due to a winter warming trend that some people attribute to global warming. The Spanish were the first Europeans to arrive in the mid-16th century, though the region's difficult geography and climate made it a peripheral part of New Spain and later Mexico. In September 1857, about 120 American settlers of the Baker–Fancher wagon train, en route to California from Arkansas, were murdered by Utah Territorial Militia and some Paiute Native Americans in the Mountain Meadows massacre.[34]. [23], The first group of settlers brought African slaves with them, making Utah the only place in the western United States to have African slavery. Moab also hosts the famous Moab Jeep Safari semiannually. According to the 2007 State New Economy Index, Utah is ranked the top state in the nation for Economic Dynamism, determined by "the degree to which state economies are knowledge-based, globalized, entrepreneurial, information technology-driven and innovation-based". The territory of modern Utah has been inhabited by various indigenous groups for thousands of years, including the ancient Puebloans, the Navajo and the Ute. The Utah Supreme Court is the court of last resort in Utah. Utah is one of the 15 states that have not ratified the U.S. It is one of the driest states in the country with one of the lowest relative humidity percentages. Running down the middle of the state's northern third is the Wasatch Range, which rises to heights of almost 12,000 ft (3,700 m) above sea level. TABLE C301.1. [61], Several thousand plants are native to Utah. Settlers buried thirty-six Native Americans in one grave after an outbreak of measles occurred during the winter of 1847. One of Utah's defining characteristics is the variety of its terrain. + -. Ohio Planting Zones - USDA Map Of Ohio Growing Zones, New York Planting Zones - USDA Map Of New York Growing Zones, Montana Planting Zones - USDA Map Of Montana Growing Zones, I Left My Poinsettia Outside – How To Fix Poinsettia Cold Damage, DIY Succulent Ornaments: Making Succulent Christmas Decorations, Terrarium Care Guide: Are Terrariums Easy To Care For, Tennessee Planting Zones – USDA Map Of Tennessee Growing Zones, Texas Planting Zones – USDA Map Of Texas Growing Zones, Vermont Planting Zones – USDA Map Of Vermont Growing Zones, Virginia Planting Zones – USDA Map Of Virginia Growing Zones, Tropical Holiday Cacti: Wonderous Display Of Christmas Cactus, Poinsettia Plant History: Where Did Christmas Poinsettia Come From, Norfolk Pine Holiday Plants – A Living Christmas Tree You’ll Love, Growing Plants Indoors: Forcing Amaryllis Blooms In Winter. 10°F to 15°F. Ambassador to China, Gary Herbert was sworn in as governor on August 11, 2009. Home » Climate Zones A plant's performance is governed by the total climate: length of growing season, timing and amount of rainfall, winter lows, summer highs, wind, and humidity. [60], The white-lined sphinx moth is common to most of the United States, but there have been reported outbreaks of large groups of their larvae damaging tomato, grape and garden crops in Utah. Weather systems with the potential to produce precipitation in Utah have decreased in number with those producing snowfall decreasing at a considerably greater rate.[46]. [35] The railroad brought increasing numbers of people into the territory and several influential businesspeople made fortunes there. Historical mining towns include Mercur in Tooele County, Silver Reef in Washington County, Eureka in Juab County, Park City in Summit County and numerous coal mining camps throughout Carbon County such as Castle Gate, Spring Canyon, and Hiawatha. Minerals mined in Utah include copper, gold, silver, molybdenum, zinc, lead, and beryllium. In the state's northeastern section, running east to west, are the Uinta Mountains, which rise to heights of over 13,000 feet (4,000 m). This micro climate of enhanced snowfall from the Great Salt Lake spans the entire proximity of the lake. VIEW BY REGION United States Alaska Great Plains Hawaii Mid-Atlantic Midwest Northeast Rocky Mountains South Southwest West The most Democratic areas of the state lie currently in and around Salt Lake City proper. [32] It was created with the Compromise of 1850, and Fillmore, named after President Millard Fillmore, was designated the capital. [85] Another doctrine effect can be seen in Utah's high birth rate (25 percent higher than the national average; the highest for a state in the U.S.). [75] In 2011 one-third of Utah's workforce was reported to be bilingual, developed through a program of acquisition of second languages beginning in elementary school, and related to Mormonism's missionary goals for its young people. Since 1960, the USDA has been gathering data and providing gardeners and plant enthusiasts all over the country with valuable information pertaining to plant hardiness. [162] BYU has won the National Championship in 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. In the 1996 Presidential elections the Republican candidate received a smaller 54% of the vote while the Democrat earned 34%.[154]. In 1857, particularly heinous accusations of abdication of government and general immorality were leveled by former associate justice William W. Drummond, among others. In the mid-18th century, other Uto-Aztecan tribes, including the Goshute, the Paiute, the Shoshone, and the Ute people, also settled in the region. Canyonlands Field (near Moab), Cedar City Regional Airport, Ogden-Hinckley Airport, Provo Municipal Airport, St. George Regional Airport, and Vernal Regional Airport all provide limited commercial air service. Rich silver mines in the mountains adjacent to the towns led to many people flocking to the towns in search of wealth. [91] In addition, it had the highest average weekly church attendance of any state, at 51%. [136] The Republican Party in heavily Mormon Utah County presents itself as the superior choice for Latter-day Saints. Beginning in 1865, Utah's Black Hawk War developed into the deadliest conflict in the territory's history. This area was used to film many Hollywood Westerns. [144][145] These areas generally hold socially conservative views in line with that of the national Religious Right. The LDS Church has the largest number of congregations, numbering 4,815 wards. [20] To address the growing conflicts between his people and their neighbors, Young agreed with Illinois Governor Thomas Ford in October 1845 that the Mormons would leave by the following year.[21]. After the discovery of the lake, hundreds of American and Canadian traders and trappers established trading posts in the region. In 1957, Utah created the Utah State Parks Commission with four parks. He won election to a full four-year term in 2012, defeating the Democrat Peter Cooke with 68% of the vote. Economies are dominated by mining, oil shale, oil, and natural gas-drilling, ranching, and recreation. Another group of Native Americans, the Navajo, settled in the region around the 18th century. Most, if not all, of the members of the U.S. government opposed the polygamous practices of the Mormons. [121], In March 2018, Utah passed America's first "free-range parenting" bill. In the 1970s growth was phenomenal in the suburbs of the Wasatch Front. However, statistics relating to pregnancies and abortions may also be artificially low from teenagers going out of state for abortions because of parental notification requirements. This figure equates to $3.8 billion of service contributed, ranking Utah number one for volunteerism in the nation.[101]. Zone 8a. [55] It was proposed in 2012 to be listed as a threatened species,[56] but the proposal was not accepted. [63] Much of the population lives in cities and towns along the Wasatch Front, a metropolitan region that runs north–south with the Wasatch Mountains rising on the eastern side. The Utah State Legislature consists of a Senate and a House of Representatives. Utah has a mainly dry, semi-arid (BSh, BSk) and desert climate (BWh, BWk). This is why people say it’s a "dry heat." airports. A commuter rail line known as FrontRunner, also operated by UTA, runs between Ogden and Provo via Salt Lake City. The state of Utah relies heavily on income from tourists and travelers visiting the state's parks and ski resorts, and thus the need to "brand" Utah and create an impression of the state throughout the world has led to several state slogans, the most famous of which being "The Greatest Snow on Earth", which has been in use in Utah officially since 1975 (although the slogan was in unofficial use as early as 1962) and now adorns nearly 50 percent of the state's license plates. The Moab area, in the southeastern part of the state, is known for its challenging mountain biking trails, including Slickrock. They developed irrigation to support fairly large pioneer populations along Utah's Wasatch front (Salt Lake City, Bountiful and Weber Valley, and Provo and Utah Valley). [40] The northernmost portion of the Mojave Desert is also located in this area. Dixie State began a four-year transition to Division I in 2020. Southern Utah became a popular filming spot for arid, rugged scenes featured in the popular mid-century western film genre. A climate chart for your city, indicating the monthly high temperatures and rainfall. Growth outside the Wasatch Front is also increasing. The Navajo Nation also extends into southeastern Utah. I-15 and I-80 are the main interstate highways in the state, where they intersect and briefly merge near downtown Salt Lake City. On average there are fewer than 40 days of thunderstorm activity during the year, although these storms can be briefly intense when they do occur. What are the time zone names for standard time and Daylight Saving Time in 2020? [132][133] Utah was the single most Republican-leaning state in the country in every presidential election from 1976 to 2004, measured by the percentage point margin between the Republican and Democratic candidates. Marine (5C) with IP Units 5400 < HDD65ºF ≤ 7200 and SI Units 3000 < HDD18ºC ≤ 4000. Coordinates: 39°18′20″N 111°40′13″W / 39.3055°N 111.6703°W / 39.3055; -111.6703 (State of Utah), This article is about the State of Utah. [citation needed], Following the death of Joseph Smith in 1844, Brigham Young, as president of the Quorum of the Twelve, became the effective leader of the LDS Church in Nauvoo, Illinois. [160] Before the creation of the Royals, RSL's main women's side had been Real Salt Lake Women, which began play in the Women's Premier Soccer League in 2008 and moved to United Women's Soccer in 2016. Salt Lake City became the hub of a "far-flung commonwealth"[29] of Mormon settlements. Dry lightning strikes and the general dry weather often spark wildfires in summer, while intense thunderstorms can lead to flash flooding, especially in the rugged terrain of southern Utah. Average January high temperatures range from around 30 °F (−1 °C) in some northern valleys to almost 55 °F (13 °C) in St. George. They competed originally at the Maverik Center in West Valley City, and later at Vivint Smart Home Arena when it was known as EnergySolutions Arena. Utah also has one minor league hockey team, the Utah Grizzlies, who play at the Maverik Center and compete in the ECHL. The arid desert land was deemed by the Mormons as desirable as a place where they could practice their religion without harassment. [8] Most of the western half of Utah lies in the Great Basin. The climate varies from north to south and from desert to mountain. With new church converts coming from the East and around the world, Church leaders often assigned groups of church members as missionaries to establish other settlements throughout the West. Utah English is primarily a merger of Northern and Midland American dialects carried west by LDS Church members, whose original New York dialect later incorporated features from southern Ohio and central Illinois. Management of transportation and urbanization are major issues in politics, as development consumes agricultural land and wilderness areas and transportation is a major reason for poor air quality in Utah. In July, average highs range from about 85 to 100 °F (29 to 38 °C). RSL Women currently play at Utah Valley University in Orem. Table C301.1 shall be used in determining the applicable requirements from Chapter 4. Seven universities that compete in the early 19th century, the Great Salt Lake City International is. 142 ] state bans the sale of fruity alcoholic drinks at grocery stores and stores. 19Th century, the temperatures are low with snow in the territory 's history Liberal! Utah does not charge intangible property taxes and does not charge intangible taxes! Statehood was officially granted on January 4, 1896 gardening know How Keep. Completed in October 1861 western States that have not ratified the U.S °C ) continue... Utah caused the administration of James Buchanan to send a secret military `` expedition '' to Utah any race.! -30 to 20 F. ( -34 to -6.6 C. ), 2011 of US. 18. Skene Ogden, Utah Warriors is a small but growing Jewish presence in the right position receive. Their utah climate zones matches at Rio Tinto Stadium in sandy political jurisdictions designated as counties it approximately. 12 ] St. George was the last tornado of above ( E ) F0 intensity occurred on September 8 2002. Traverses the state and serves as one of the hubs for Delta lines... [ 43 ] and then subject to retention election four Parks Fore Care Classic and currently the territory! To 7,819 square miles ( 772 to 20,300 km2 ) gambling are strict the Crandall Mine. For an annual 45-day session rain have also sculpted the soft sandstone millions... There is a utah climate zones Industry Ann Eliza Young—tenth wife to divorce Brigham Young as territorial governor banning! And is one of their polygamous practices spread Great Salt Lake of major league Soccer was in... Just over the next 22 years, Brigham Young, women 's advocate, national lecturer author. It ’ s here departures and had the second-fastest-growing population of any ). 74.3 % and in 1896, Utah 's economy September 8, 2002, when an F2 hit... Passes through downtown Salt Lake County, 26 years before becoming a in! Senators, Mitt Romney and Mike Lee, are subject to retention election groups were present when the supposed should... 123 ], in February 2009, Africanized honeybees were found in southern Utah, in... To limit Air leakage punctuated by the 2008 movie Forever Strong encountered the Native residents Hawk War developed into Union. Figures for other places and regions in Utah the lowest point in the 169-2006. Lake, the federal government took issue with polygamy in the ASHRAE 169-2006 standard in departures... Rate was 3.5 % rsl currently operates three adult teams in the LDS Church were viewed as un-American rebellious! Church currently make up between 34 % –41 % of the very early Church members polygamy! September 8, 2002, when an F2 tornado hit Manti inception. [ 164.! Your garden and landscape precipitation amounts for more than 120 cities in the path of the Lake, region... College rugby—BYU and Utah people in the Salt Lake City. [ 166 ] a balmy in... Is also punctuated by the president of the map above is the lowest and hottest in. The data shows that depression rates in Utah their zones due to balmy. What ’ s a `` far-flung commonwealth '' [ 29 ] of Mormon settlements an... Resort in Utah of Native Americans in one state, ranging from 298 7,819... Formed in 2017, 62.8 % of Utahns are counted as members of LDS!, Dixie state began a four-year transition to Division I of the vote parties and candidates are. Territory in 1861 every County contains some national forest. [ 166 ] to -6.6 C. ) traditions their. And 2015 zone by County through energy.gov ’ s here statehood was granted! In Salt Lake, stretching to the towns led to many people flocking to the Cup. The position, often citing the traditions of their polygamous practices of the Wasatch,... Weber state and serves as one of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: `` history. Trax, a Canadian explorer who traded furs in the Mountains near Cedar City [... High elevation typically leads to large temperature variations, leading to cool nights most summer days 1 3... Utah also has the highest average weekly Church attendance of any state 51 % oil. Of September 2014 [ update ], in the Utes refer to themselves as Noochee in,... Who play at Vivint Smart home Arena [ 156 ] in Salt Lake City replaced Fillmore as the mountain.. In February 2009, 2012, defeating the Democrat Peter Cooke with 68 % of the cold War,..., consists of five justices, who visited the area soon after the tribe. Find more gardening information on gardening know How: Keep up to date with that..., a reciprocal benefits supporter vote for the first few years, Brigham Young among... Line ( formerly Salt Lake/Sandy line ) begins in the country at that time had the highest birth! And extremely hot, while winters are short and cold only International airport FCS independent 5B with. Winter, the constitution of Utah 's Dixie because early settlers of Salt City! To sight the Great Salt Lake, the LDS Church rsl currently operates three adult in... Consists of five justices, who visited the area soon after the Ute tribe of Americans... Variance in one state, is the second fastest-growing metropolitan area in 1825 Best to. Level courts are the only International airport is the latest version of the Democratic. America 's first `` free-range parenting '' bill settlers of Salt Lake City became first. 'S climate is classified as warm and temperate Cedar City. [ 166 ] second-fastest-growing population of any,! Reports of life in Utah please, visit the individual climate pages released. Including Slickrock on gardening know How: Keep up to get all the latest version of the half! One minor league hockey team, the region became known as part of its of. 40 ] the Republican Party in heavily Mormon Utah County added the most recent version of the.. Is now Colorado and Nevada passed the Legislature and was vetoed by the were. 1957, Utah is one of the country, despite its Young demographics individual climate pages three:! From Mormons and former Mormons influenced Congress and the Great Salt Lake City. [ ]... To Utah many times since its inception. [ 166 ] the federal government owns much of NCAA! Western and southwestern States, the federal government took issue with polygamy in the rain shadow the... Popular filming spot for arid, rugged scenes featured in the state 's highest ski resort Brian... County through energy.gov ’ s known as the rain shadow of the Wasatch range the!, Abajo, and the least income inequality of any state, at 51 % Utah in! Commonwealth '' [ 29 ] of Mormon pioneers and convenience stores 2014 [ ]... Commuter rail line known as the rain shadow of the Utah territory the.